A Real Refresh

Imagine your friends exclaiming, “You look so refreshed!”

You smile with knowing and think, “It’s my 5 syringes of filler!”

Introducing Our Model

A devoted Mom of 2 high schoolers, she’s especially busy managing “school from home.” (We know! Constant mom-ming, food, extra foot traffic, space constraints = elevated stress.) 

She always loves her Botox, and with her experimental nature, has tried other treatments. She’d never had filler and had been considering it for some time. When she felt ready, she was comfortable with Meesun’s (the Aesthetic Nurse) recommendation of 5 syringes of filler to help

  • Lift and contour (2 syringes)
  • Soften nasal labial folds (1 syringe)
  • Add a little symmetry and volume to the lips (1 syringe)

Looking at her photos, you’ll see how the recommended filler gives her a natural, beautiful result. It helps her look well rested. And her already beautiful pout looks even that much prettier with some definition along the upper lip, a tad of volume, and symmetry.

If you’re even more curious to see the progress during the treatment, the left photo shows the start of the treatment. You’ll see how the filler immediately gives lift on the treated [right] side of the face. It’s slight, but noticeable, even at the eye area. Filler results – unlike Botox – are visible during your treatment.

Depending on the filler type, filler can last from 9 months (softer filler) to 2 years (more structual filler).  

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