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Getting the Benefit From Multiple Treatments

People always ask which treatment to try for rejuvenation. Rather than a single treatment, we often recommend using a mix of treatments and products over time to get the best results.
• Botox for Dynamic Wrinkles: These are the muscles which move when we express.
• Microneedling for Glowing Skin: Healthy skin looks and feels great.
• Filler for Lifting: Volume loss and the effects of gravity can cause the skin to sag.

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A Real Refresh

Imagine your friends exclaiming, “You look so refreshed!” You smile with knowing and think, “It’s my 5 syringes of filler!” See how natural and beautiful filler can be in rejuvenating the face and lips.

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Considering Botox?

If you’re considering Botox, remember doing too much or too little may give you disappointing results. Start with the Furrow, and go from there.

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Was it Filler, or a Staycation?

You’re curious yet worried. You want to treat the lines around your mouth. Should it be Botox or filler? You’re worried the treatment would make you look unnatural. We’re here to demystify injectables by showing you someone’s real experience. AND natural, yet stunning results.

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Studio Skin Sculpt summer tips

Let’s Talk Sunscreen

So let’s talk sunscreen. Applying sunscreen is one of the easiest steps we can take to keep our skin looking its best! It protects us from premature aging, sun burn and skin cancer.

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Bridal Brilliance

On this joyous event, we want our SKIN GLOWING. Don’t forget this self care step so your skin is looking it’s best. Start early – 6 to 9 months is not to early to start exploring the right treatments.

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Radiofrequency builds collagen to plump lips

Radiofrequency Lip Plumping

If you’ve found yourself glancing at your lips and wondering…would I like a little plumping? If filler isn’t for you, consider radiofrequency (RF). It stimulates production of collagen and elastin to help plump our lips.

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More and More Men Are Trying Botox

You may or may not have considered getting Botox or filler, however your brethren are already doing it. Although women are talking about it more, and still are the larger group getting procedures, men are quickly realizing they can also access the same tools to look their best. Here’s what the stats show: There has

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Our Two Types of Wrinkles ~ And How to Treat Them

DYNAMIC Look into the mirror. As you think of a genuinely happy thought (summon your Patronus) …smile. You are now showcasing dynamic wrinkles, those that move when we express. These muscles and wrinkles are the ones neuromodulators can help treat, or in some cases, prevent. A little sideline lesson on Neuromodulators You’ve likely heard the

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See What Happens with a VI Peel

My first chemical peel was a NeoCutis 40% peel. 40% refers to the percent of “active ingredient” such as the peeling agent. (NeoCutis no longer offers chemical peels). I loved my first chemical peel. I have a T-zone that tends to get clogged and likes exfoliation.   We were on the hunt for a new peel

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The REAL REAL on Microneedling

All Mom Does, Vlogger, Stephanie was curious about the microneedling treatment. She’d heard of it, but not enough to be compelled to try it. She came into Studio and documented her microneedling experience. Her natural enthusiasm shines throughout the video! Check out her vlog to watch her entire experience. In addition to describing the benefits

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Does Drinking Coffee Age You?

My dear friend posed this question because, well, we both love our  cuppa joes as do so many of my compatriots.  The short answer is NO. Followed closely by HOWEVER. Coffee has many evidence based benefits, including providing antioxidants. Two studies actually found drinking coffee was associated to 20% reduced risk of death in men

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“Lunch Time” Treatments

The aesthetics industry is undergoing a major boom. WHY? New, less invasive technology is being introduced continuously, allowing people to get treatments that no longer require 2 weeks recovery time. There is no one I know – SERIOUSLY – who wouldn’t love to have a little treatment during their lunch hour, then head back to

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Curious About Botox & Filler? Achieving Contour – 3rd Visit

Because this was Nancy’s first experience with injectables, we determined that doing the filler in stages was the best approach for her. Nancy experienced mild swelling and bruising after her 2nd visit, which is normal with both Botox and filler. 2 weeks later, she came in for her 3rd visit. This gradual approach has several

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Curious About Botox & Filler? Getting Lift – 2nd Visit

Because we lose volume in our faces as we age, filler was definitely a key part of Nancy’s rejuvenation plan. Her Second Visit: Topical numbing helped keep Nancy comfortable during the treatments. Injected closely along the cheekbone and in the temples, Voluma helps lift sagging skin. Notice that Nancy’s face does not look more full.

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Curious About Botox & Filler? Join Nancy on her Rejuvenation Journey.

Meet Nancy. Hesitant yet hopeful about ways to rejuvenate her appearance and to look her best. Nervous yet excited about the possibilities. Concerned because she still wanted to look like…Nancy! Does this sound like you? Follow us on Nancy’s journey to rejuvenate her already youthful appearance; we demystify the steps, products and expectations along the

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What’s the Difference? Botox vs. Dysport

These medications are often called neuromodulators, because they effectively put our muscles on a holiday. Patients have been asking us what the difference is between Botox and Dysport (pronounced “dis-port” in the US, “dI-sport” in Europe…you’re so in the know!), both of which we offer at Studio. Let’s start with similarities. Both Botox and Dysport

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