Curious About Botox & Filler? Join Nancy on her Rejuvenation Journey.

Meet Nancy. Hesitant yet hopeful about ways to rejuvenate her appearance and to look her best. Nervous yet excited about the possibilities. Concerned because she still wanted to look like…Nancy!

Does this sound like you? Follow us on Nancy’s journey to rejuvenate her already youthful appearance; we demystify the steps, products and expectations along the way.

Watch and learn about how Botox and filler helped Nancy appear happier, brighter and more well rested.

First, our injector met with Nancy to review her aesthetic goals, and understand her concerns. She then helped create a plan that would help Nancy address her concerns.


  • Use Botox to help soften wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes, as well as lift the brow slightly to brighten the eye area.
  • Apply filler to add volume which had been lost along the cheek and temples. This helps “restructure” because no matter how much we soften the wrinkles, the skin will still sag without restoring volume.
  • Use filler to fill in deep nasal labial folds.

First Visit

  • Products: Botox
  • Areas injected: glabellar + crows feet (around eyes)

Botox takes between 3-14 days to fully activate. At day 14, we checked in with Nancy to see if everything settled well. Botox (and Dysport, another neuromodulator) lasts approximately 3-4 mos.


  • Softened furrow. After years of expressing,  Nancy’s furrow lines were quite deep. 
  • Notice the softening around the edges of Nancy’s eyes. 
  • Lifted brow, making eyes brighter. Nancy looks happier and more well rested.

Read about Nancy’s 2nd visit.

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