Bridal Brilliance


Weddings are such a special occasion. Our friends gather. Our family brings their dynamics. Everyone expects to celebrate. And on this joyous event, WE want our skin glowing. Don’t forget this self care step so your skin is looking it’s best.

There are so many possibilities to help us achieve glowing skin, but we’ll keep it simple. Remember, start early so you try treatments before your day so you know how your skin will react, and which combination of treatments will give you the results you want. 

A simple approach includes alternating microneedling + chemical peels on a monthly basis. Make your last treatment 1 month away from your event date. Combining the 2 treatments helps reveal beautiful skin, enabling you to minimize makeup. And the makeup you do apply, will go on like a dream.

  • Microneedling helps minimize pores, induce collagen, minimize fine lines.
  • Chemical peels will help improve skin tone and texture, reduce pores, increase skin cell turnover to help reveal dewy, glowy skin.

Together, this combination treatment is unbeatable for creating amazing skin.

Optional treatments to consider:

  • BOTOX: Lift brows, soften a furrow or crows feet.  Lasts 3-4 mos.
  • FILLER: Plump a pout. Lasts about 9 mos.
  • KYBELLA: Chisel that jawline! Permanent destruction of fat cells, baby!
  • SCULPSURE: Target that stubborn area, including arms, tummy, love handles, back, thighs. This too, is permanent destruction of fat cells!

Here are more details and recommended timing for treatments you can consider leading up to your wedding. And don’t forget to share with your partner and wedding party. They might be interested too! 😀

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