Considering Botox?

If you’ve never had any Botox, and are considering it. Here’s something to contemplate. Doing too little or too much may give you less than the best results.

We often notice the friend with the frozen face (too much). If a friend has had enough Botox in the right places, it’s likely you don’t even notice it.

  1. We always recommend starting with the glabellar (aka Furrow), the area between your eye brows. It’s often the most noticeable area of the face that makes a difference when corrected. We also like to consider it the “anchor” muscle when injecting Botox.

  2. Then address forehead lines and the crinkle at the corner of the eyes (aka crow’s feet).

  3. We recommend getting all three areas done because it looks more natural. Yes! Check out the photo below.

TIP: We don’t ever inject just on the forehead because we never want to make your brows droop. 


The photo shows twins. Both are natural beauties. Both were treated with Botox. 

  • The sister on the left treated: Furrow.

  • The sister on the right treated: Furrow, Forehead, Crow’s feet.

Interestingly, the sister on the right looks more natural. Surprised?

When only 1 area is treated with Botox, the other areas become more obviously contrasting.  To the human eye, the contrast creates incongruency. So although it seems counterintuitive, treating all 3 areas with Botox creates a more natural looking result you’ll love.

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