Curious About Botox & Filler? Achieving Contour – 3rd Visit

Because this was Nancy’s first experience with injectables, we determined that doing the filler in stages was the best approach for her. Nancy experienced mild swelling and bruising after her 2nd visit, which is normal with both Botox and filler. 2 weeks later, she came in for her 3rd visit. This gradual approach has several benefits.

  • By allowing all the swelling and bruising to go away, we can see the actual result, and determine where product can/should be placed for optimal results.
  • The patient can determine if they like the result.

At Nancy’s last visit, our injector added more Voluma to her cheeks.

Areas injected:

  • More Voluma in cheeks


  • From the side view, Nancy experienced even more improvement.
  • Improved under eye.
  • Even more lift in the entire lower part of the face.
  • Tightening in the lower jaw and neck.

Remember we are all unique, so results with Botox and filler will vary. However, we hope following Nancy’s journey helped show how injectables can help reveal the most rejuvenated, well rested and happy YOU!

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