Cancellation Policy

We understand life can be hectic. To be respectful to you, other patients, and staff, please notify us at minimum 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time for cancellations / reschedules. Patients who do not cancel/change an existing appointment 24 hours prior, or miss the appointment will be charged $50.00. If you have purchased a package, you will be required to pay the fee before resuming your treatments.

Late Arrivals

If you arrive late, your appointment may be shortened to accommodate subsequent appointments. Your aesthetic lead will determine if enough time remains to begin / complete your treatment. If we aren’t able to start your treatment, we may treat it as a cancelled appointment and incur the $50 fee.


As parents, we understand childcare may be a challenge. However due to liability, safety issues and respect for other patients, we cannot have children under 10 at the location.


Thank you, but please keep your tips. Our biggest compliment would be your online review and or personal referral to a friend!

Thanks for your understanding, and helping to make this a positive experience for everyone.

Your Shoreline Med Spa

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