Getting the Benefit From Multiple Treatments

People always ask which treatment to try for rejuvenation. Rather than a single treatment, we often recommend a combination of treatments and products over time to get the best results. 

Let’s introduce you to one of our clients who experimented with three different treatments, and sticks with a few splurge worthy products to keep her skin healthy and gorgeous.

  • Botox for Dynamic Wrinkles: These are the muscles which move when we express.
  • Microneedling for Glowing Skin: Healthy skin looks and feels great.
  • Filler for Lifting: Volume loss and the effects of gravity can cause the skin to sag.


Our lovely client experimented with Botox to soften her furrow (a dynamic muscle). It’s one of the best areas to start. Many of us inadvertently furrow without even noticing it. She loved the result and continues to keep her furrow at bay with regular visits.


She then tried microneedling because it doesn’t require much downtime, but can improve the skin by inducing collagen production. Collagen helps keep our skin elastic and supple. Even though she already has good skin, after completing her series of 3, she experienced noticeable improvement to her skin tone and texture, and loved how gorgeous her skin looked and felt. She wasn’t the only one to notice – several F&F complimented her on how wonderful her skin looked!


After experiencing some great results with her microneedling and botox, she decided to try a little filler. In our 40’s, many of us have started seeing the effects of decreased collagen, bone and fat loss in our faces. Filler can help restore the “scaffolding” that gives our faces contour and lift.




Nothing too dramatic.  3 syringes of Voluma helped contour and provide lift in her upper mid face. Her nasal labial folds have softened, and you can see some redefining of her jawline. A small amount of filler around her chin also helped redefine the chin.


The furrow line between her brows has been erased over time:

  • Botox every 3-4 months keeps the furrow at bay, and keeps the skin from continually creasing.
  • Quarterly Microneedling helps induce collagen in the skin. This is a beneficial treatment for most people. Our collagen production begins to decrease in our 20’s, and microneedling revs up production for up to 6 mos. after treatment.
  • Daily skincare helps amplify her results: SkinBetter Alpharet (retinol), and Neocutis BioCream (with peptides and growth factor for lift and tightening).
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