Here’s the Thing About Getting Older

You no longer care what people think. You own your style, your flaws, your awesomeness. And when you discover microneedling, you want tell all your friends how refreshed you feel!

There’s no guilt when turning down invites, saying no to things that don’t serve you and sending regrets. You know where you need to be and put yourself there.

You know who your people are and let go of those who aren’t. You are no longer trying to impress people, rather you make choices that allow you to be the best version of yourself.

You are grateful for the things you have and no longer desire the things you don’t. You are committed to a skin care routine, and tinted sunscreen by EltaMD is your best friend.

You accept your face. You aren’t trying to change it, only you want to take care of it by adding treatments that enhance it.

You know what you like when it comes to things like food, fashion, beauty. If you choose to try Botox or Fillers, you don’t worry what others will think; rather you want to be the best version of yourself.

You no longer feel guilty when you can’t return a text, email, phone call because you accept the season you are in.

No one needs you every second of every day, all day. You can dress cute again and take a handbag rather than a mom-bag. You pretty much own your FABULOUSNESS!

You value your health but also don’t expect perfection. You exercise for well-being and add micro-needling or dermaplaning to your program because of how it makes you feel.

Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee and you happily spend Saturdays with your kids because you have learned the days are long but the years are short.

About Valli

Valli Gideons is a military wife to a career Marine, who is raising two teens who have cochlear implants. She authored the children’s book, “Now Hear This: Harper soars with her Magic Ears,” which she wrote with her daughter. She’s found purpose in being an advocate for kids with hearing loss. When not carpooling kids to and from sports, you can find her on the beach path, walking her dogs. She has a degree in journalism and is a freelance writer. 

Follow her work at mybattlecall.com, Instagram and Facebook.

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