Disown Double Chin

Kybella is a multiple injection treatment which dissolves fat. Made of deoxycholic acid, this naturally occurring molecule in the body aids in the breakdown and absorption of fat. Multiple treatments may be required to reach your desired aesthetic goal.

Typical treatment areas: Double chin.

Why consider Kybella:

  • You’re open to a permanent way to eliminate your double chin.
  • Regardless of your diet or exercise, you haven’t been able to get rid of your double chin.
  • You’d prefer to skip surgery.

What to expect:

  • Plan a 1 hour appointment, which includes an in depth consult to determine if Kybella is the right treatment for your concern.
  • We offer topical numbing so discomfort is minimized.
  • You may experience 1-2 weeks of swelling following the treatment. Don a scarf!
  • By week 3, you may experience  sensitivity (it’s still working!).
  • Schedule a follow up appointment 16 weeks later.
Disown double chin and get that defined jawline


Real, untouched photos showcase results

1 Treatment | 8 weeks
Disown double chin! This patient experienced great result, seen after just 1 treatment. See how effective Kybella can be (click on image for video).


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