Let’s Not Skip the Photos

I often hear people say they’d prefer skipping the photos when they come in for their appointment. If you decide to have a treatment, we always take photos of you. Imagine you’re on the red carpet!

WHY? Some clients don’t mind if their photos are used for marketing. If that’s you, we owe you a gracious thanks! If you decide not to have the photos shared, we respect your decision. However, we still take the photos because it helps us all as we begin our rejuvenation journey together. Let me count the ways…

  • If you have questions about a treatment, photos are always a helpful way to capture a point in time and give us an objective visual. We’re not relying on anyone’s memory (I can confidently admit mine is like swiss cheese).
  • We have a starting point to gauge results – when you look in the mirror daily, we get used to seeing ourselves, making it difficult to see the gradual improvements that occur.
  • When we take photos at each visit, we create a history of changes.

While we’re taking your photos, we’re likely to have you make several expressions that make you giggle. Enjoy the laughter! These facial expressions (as well as making “no expression”) help us identify dynamic muscles in your face and how they look (prior to and throughout treatments). Here’s me making these faces…yes, please guffaw, giggle and laugh out loud!





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