“Lunch Time” Treatments

The aesthetics industry is undergoing a major boom. WHY? New, less invasive technology is being introduced continuously, allowing people to get treatments that no longer require 2 weeks recovery time.

There is no one I know – SERIOUSLY – who wouldn’t love to have a little treatment during their lunch hour, then head back to work knowing that over the next few weeks, their skin was going to get a little tighter, brighter, and just dewy-er. Right? Especially if it only requires a little numbing cream, a tad discomfort and potentially some redness or peeling. I describe this in generalities, but it’s typically representative for many of our clients and the treatments they prefer.

So my friend, if you haven’t jumped onto the aesthetic treatment bandwagon, don’t be scared, or nervous that your treatment will give you away because you had to go on a 2 week “holiday.” In fact, I HOPE people notice that you look like a well rested, brighter version of yourself after just a few days. Expect comments such as, “Did you cut your hair?” “Did you go on holiday?”

Just smile and go with it!

A 1 Hour Lunch Time treatment could include:

  • Chemical Peel: Downtime can be from 0 days (with a gentle peel), to 3-4 days (of actual peeling with a more aggressive peel). We recommend if you do a more aggressive peel, schedule it Thursday and hang low on the weekend.
  • Botox: Slight redness on the injection sites
  • Dermaplaning: Go straight back to work…glowing!

Treatments You May Want to go Home After (but could go back to work the following day):

  • Microneedling, especially if you do PRP (as you want to leave the PRP on as long as possible)
  • Filler: some swelling, and possibly bruising

If you’re ready to plan your a lunch time treat, give us a call: (425) 563-7711. 

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