Curious About Botox & Filler? Getting Lift – 2nd Visit

Because we lose volume in our faces as we age, filler was definitely a key part of Nancy’s rejuvenation plan.

Her Second Visit:

Topical numbing helped keep Nancy comfortable during the treatments. Injected closely along the cheekbone and in the temples, Voluma helps lift sagging skin. Notice that Nancy’s face does not look more full. Rather, her face appears more narrow as the lower part of her face is given lift.

To address Nancy’s deep nasal labial folds, Juvederm was injected along the folds.

Areas injected:

  • Voluma in cheeks and temples.
  • Juvederm in nasal labial folds.


  • Improved under eye.
  • Lift in the entire lower part of the face.
  • Softened nasal labial folds.

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