I am no longer a chemical peel newbie! It’s a treatment I wish I had started trying earlier. This treatment delivers great bang for your buck and is fairly quick and easy. The Neo Peel is a glycolic peel which helps get rid of dead skin. Results can be wonderful, including helping to:

• Even out skin tone
• Minimize pigmentation
• Minimize pores
• Minimize fine lines

My experience: After a good cleanse, I tried the 20% Neo Peel (the most gentle of the peels, to see if I had a reaction). After the peel was applied, I waited several minutes, whereby I wanted to itch my face! A fan usually helps alleviate this need to rub/scratch. After a few minutes, the peel is neutralized, and sunscreen is applied.
After the treatment: Avoid the sun! As much as possible for the next week.
Results that evening:
• My face immediately began to feel smoother and softer.
• I didn’t experience any actual peeling or sloughing, even 1-2 weeks after the treatment. This was a benefit as I hadn’t planned to hide out.
• I played tennis indoors that evening, and my friend kept telling me how great my skin looked!
• My skin, which tends to be oily in the T zone, felt ready for another peel in about 6 weeks.
I’ve since become addicted to chemical peels and like to have them done every 4-6 weeks. It keeps my skin feeling fresh, dewy, bright. It also seems to make my product more effective. My T zone feels less “clogged” and less prone to breakouts.

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