Our Two Types of Wrinkles ~ And How to Treat Them


Look into the mirror. As you think of a genuinely happy thought (summon your Patronus) …smile. You are now showcasing dynamic wrinkles, those that move when we express. These muscles and wrinkles are the ones neuromodulators can help treat, or in some cases, prevent.

A little sideline lesson on Neuromodulators

You’ve likely heard the term Botox, which is a brand of neuromodulator. Neuromodulators are the medications used to put a muscle on holiday to stop or prevent dynamic wrinkles. There are several brand names you might come across as you do your research.

  • Botox – Owned by Allergan. Likely the most well recognized in the US. (If you’re in for a fun read about where Botox is manufactured, read “An Inside Look at the Legendary Botox Factory in Westport, Ireland”)
  • Dysport – Owned by Galderma. Likely the most well recognized in Europe.
  • Xeomin (pronounced zeo-min) – Owned by Merz.
  • Jeuveau (pronounced ju-vo) – Owned by Evolus,  recently cleared by the FDA. 


When your face is completely at rest, and you can still see wrinkles on your face, these wrinkles are STATIC wrinkles. No amount of neuromodulator can stop these wrinkles. These static wrinkles are caused by

  • Loss of volume (which happens as we age).
  • Repeated movement of dynamic muscles, which have caused the skin to have a permanent crease.

The best way to treat static  wrinkles is with filler, which helps restore volume.

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