Radiofrequency Lip Plumping

Radiofrequency builds collagen to plump lips

Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself glancing at your lips and wondering…would I like a little plumping? If you’re considering it, and realized filler isn’t for you, you have other options! Consider Radiofrequency (RF). This amazing technology encourages the production of collagen and elastin to help plump our lips. [The above picture is after 1 treatment.]

You’ll get a folded gauze “bridge” put into your mouth, followed by gobs of ultrasound gel put on your lips (and the area surrounding your lips). The bridge helps keep the gel from going into your mouth (you’re welcome 😉). Our Aesthetic Nurse will then do several “passes” on your lips, treating your lips with radiofrequency. There’s heat and energy going into your lips to encourage collagen and elastin production. Your treatment is comfortable, but may get warm.

Immediately after each treatment, you’ll experience the “Cinderella” effect. This immediate swelling will diminish slightly, but your body will continue to produce collagen until your next treatment, when we induce more collagen and plumping! The collagen and elastin continues to build, resulting in fuller lips.

🥗 This lunchtime treatment allows you to easily return to your daily routine after your treatment.

Many of us have asymmetrical faces, so doing additional “passes” on the side that needs it will also help create more symmetry on your face.

How is it different than filler? Both are effective treatments, just different.

  • Filler gives you an immediate, controlled plump. Filler is injected into your lips to make them more full. The number of visits depends on how much volume you’re aiming for, your existing lip size, and how the injector prefers to inject. You will likely need a touch up at around 9 months.
  • RF: You’ll experience 6 comfortable, 10 min. treatments, every 2 weeks. No injections are done. Heat induces the production of collagen and elastin. After each treatment, you’ll continue to build upon your own, new collagen for a beautifully plump pout.

Watch lip plumping in action. 

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