Goal: Create subtle, naturally brightening, rejuvenation
Botox brightens, lifting eyebrows, softening crows feet; filler restores lost volume in temples & cheeks
Additional filler further restores lost volume in cheeks, contouring cheeks, decreasing jowling and sharpening jawline.


Nancy had never had any injectables. She gradually received various treatments over the course of 4 months. While she started out nervous, she ended up overjoyed about the subtle, yet impactful results she experienced. Here’s a snapshot of her journey.

  1. Botox to soften a strong furrow and crow’s feet.
  2. Filler to help restore volume loss and provided “lift” and soften her nasal labial folds.
  3. A tad more filler to help further “contour” her face where volume was lost.

We hope you’re surprised to see how refreshed and brighter she looks, and that she’s still obviously…Nancy. She’s someone who doesn’t devote hours to a complicated regimen, and doesn’t have weeks to spend recovering from a complicated treatment. Rather, she’s a busy individual who works, plays tennis, loves boating and spends time with her family, and loves looking a little brighter.

So if you’re curious about whether aesthetic treatments might be right for you, stop wondering and schedule a consult with us. We’d love to meet you, and at the very least, you will depart learning more about the treatments available to you. Read more about Nancy’s journey.

Nancy culiminated her rejuvenation treatments with a portrait session with Lara Grauer Photography.
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