Rejuvenate Your Skin with IPL

Is it already back to school time? I’m absolutely sure I’m not yet ready for summer to end!
But with the onset of fall, comes the reminder that we can now start to get our skin in shape. After our heady days of boating, swimming, hiking and gardening, it’s time to take care of sun damage, pigment, broken capillaries and overall tone and texture.

If you didn’t have a chance to swing by Studio this summer, we’re excited to tell you we’ve got an Intense Pulse Light machine. (If you’re feeling confused about why this is important, read on!)

Also known as an IPL, Intense Pulse Light is just as it sounds, a powerful light that is pulsed at the skin. It doesn’t damage the outer layer of the skin, but can target other chromophores (a chromofore can be a capillary, water, pigment, hair follicle, etc.). By using certain filters, the light can be focused on the specific chromophores, such as targeting reds (broken capillaries or redness from Rosacea), browns (sun spots/damage and pigment), acne, or hair. When the chromophores are hit, they are destroyed. Say farewell to those broken capillaries, or sun damage, or pigment. Your skin is left looking great and rejuvenated!

IPL also inflicts controlled, gentle damage underneath the surface layer of skin. Similar to other treatments such as microneedling, the body responds to the damage by creating collagen and elastin for repair. The result is tighter, more youthful skin from this “collagen induction.”

Flexible, yet gentle, the IPL can effectively treat several different skin concerns. Because it is a fairly gentle treatment, several treatments are typically required to effectively treat an area. Below are examples of a typical series required to treat an area. See what IPL pulses look like.

  • Reds: Think broken capillaries, or the redness resulting from Rosacea). 4-8 treatments
  • Browns: Think sun damage, sun/age spots and other pigment. 3-6 treatments
  • Overall rejuvenation: Photofacial. Regular treatments help keep skin looking its most youthful.
  • Acne, caused or exacerbated by bacteria, can be zapped by IPL. 6+ treatments followed by maintenance
  • Hair reduction: depending on the area treated, 6-10 treatments


If you’re getting your face treated with IPL, plan 1 hour for your first appointment; subsequent appointments may likely be 30 min.

IPL treatments will differ for each person. The energy delivered is different for each skin concern treatment, type of skin you have, and tolerance. Your treatment may range from warm to “snappy.” Don’t worry, it’s all tolerable, especially when you see your resulting, beautiful skin.

If you’re curious if IPL can treat your skin, schedule a consult.
We can’t wait to see you!

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