Thinking About Plumping Your Pout?

My friend recently asked me about Juvederm; she said she wanted a “subtle” plump to her beautiful pout.

Our conversation prompted me to write this post about lip filler because I thought someone new to lip filler might be pondering the same.

First, there are several different kinds of dermal filler, made by different companies, and intended for different applications. I’m going to reference Allergan fillers in this post because those are the fillers we use. They are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is naturally occurring in our bodies and is removable if necessary. HA is water loving, hence it helps plump.

Another big difference between available fillers is their “thickness” or viscosity. Filler intended for the lips is soft, and malleable; best used in an area that’s always moving. (The “thicker” filler is used for areas such as cheeks, where filler is often applied to restore volume loss). Lip filler can last up to 18 months.

My recommendations for someone considering lip filler:

  • Bring in pictures, as well as consider what you’d like to see as the end result. When you say subtle, a little, a lot, these words are very subjective, and may be interpreted differently by you and your injector. When you are specific, then your injector is better prepared to deliver the results you want.
  • Be comfortable knowing you’ll be working with your injector along the way, so you will be communicating continuously throughout your visit.
  • Get a consult. Get comfortable with your injector and ask questions.
  • Ask if there are any steps you need to do to prepare if you do decide to get lip filler.

Here are some photos that will help show you how products can differ:

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