Was it Filler, or a Staycation?

You’re curious yet worried. You want to treat the lines around your mouth. Should it be Botox or filler? You’ve seen other people look unnatural. You’re not alone in these concerns. We’re here to demystify injectables by showing you someone’s real experience. AND natural, yet stunning results.

Introducing Our Model

A 34 year old mom of 3. Entrepreneur, and founder of a podcast. Busy and ambitious. Energetic. Time starved. Somehow she finds time in her schedule to take care of her skin. She realizes investing in herself is a long-term priority and journey. She regularly does Botox in the furrow, forehead and crow’s feet. But she was completely new to filler.

Our model is already beautiful. But look closely to see how filler helped restore volume loss, lift areas, and shape the chin. Her appearance is enhanced, helping her look more vibrant, rested and healthy. No one would think she doesn’t look like herself.

👉 Would you guess she’d recently had filler? (Or did she take a staycation?) 

These real photos show how filler is an amazing tool when applied in the right areas. STRATEGICALLY. A seasoned injector wields filler like a restoration tool. Combined with Botox, the two can correct areas of the face so it looks natural and beautiful. You look like your best self, not someone posing as you. There are no options out there that can create the results of filler, and allows you to go back to your activities the same day. You may experience bruising and swelling, but the downtown is next to nil.

👉 Can you guess how many syringes of filler she got?

👉 Would you be surprised when you learned she had 4 syringes of filler? 2 syringes of Voluma, and 2 syringes of Juvederm

Our model had never considered doing anything to her chin. Filler lengthened her chin, helping balance out her face. You’ll see a dramatic difference in her profile photos.

The below photo shows the right side after Voluma was injected.

What does she think of the Results?

“I LOVE THEM. I used to grind my teeth, and since getting the treatment done, my jaw tension has dramatically reduced. I was surprised how LITERALLY no one noticed that I looked different, or what part of me looked different but the compliments of “you look so rested,” “did you try a new moisturizer?!” and “your skin looks seriously amazing” keep coming!”

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